DQ-Tip: “There is no point in monitoring data quality…”

Data Quality (DQ) Tips is an OCDQ regular segment.  Each DQ-Tip is a clear and concise data quality pearl of wisdom.

“There is no point in monitoring data quality if no one within the business feels responsible for it.” 

This DQ-Tip came from the Enterprise Data World 2010 conference presentation Monitor the Quality of your Master Data by Thomas Ravn, MDM Practice Director at Platon.

It reminds me of a similar quote from Thomas Redman: “It is a waste of effort to improve the quality of data no one ever uses.” 

A common mistake made by those advocating that data needs to be viewed as a corporate asset is discussing data independent of both its use and its business relevance.  Additionally, Marty Moseley recently blogged about how data quality metrics often do a poor job in relaying the business value of data quality, strategic or otherwise.

Data profiling can help you begin to understand your data characteristics and usage.  A full data quality assessment can help you create the metrics that establish an initial baseline measurement, as well as continue monitoring your data quality over time.

However, without data quality metrics that meaningfully represent tangible business relevance, you should neither expect anyone within your organization to feel responsible for data quality, nor expect anyone to view data as a corporate asset.


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