Published articles on the SAS Data Roundtable:

Pushing data quality beyond boundaries

Which comes first, data quality or data analytics?

Self-service data prep versus data quality

How big of a deal is big data quality?

How often does your data strategy need to be updated?

Top 5 characteristics of a strong data strategy

As the calendar turns – Part 2

As the calendar turns – Part 1

The fight between now and later

Top 5 benefits of managing data where it is

The Integration of Things

Big Data Quality (Part 3)

Big Data Quality (Part 2)

Big Data Quality (Part 1)

Tips for successful Big Data Integration

Data Quality to DI for

Data Governance and Analytics

Can Big Data be Governed?

Are Data Governance and MDM still inseparable?

ESP can determine if Big Data is Eventful

Three things that need to Get Real – Real-time, that is

Event Stream Processing and/or Real-time Processing

Analyzing the Data Lake

Junk Drawers and Data Analytics

Hadoop is not Beetlejuice

Who Owns Big Data?

Big Wishes for Data Management

Crowdsourcing Data Improvement (Part 3)

Crowdsourcing Data Improvement (Part 2)

Crowdsourcing Data Improvement (Part 1)

A Few New Year’s Data Resolutions

Data should not be Good for Goodness sake

Metadata presents Data

Data Steward is a tough Role to Play

Data needs a Copernican Revolution

For those about to steward data, we salute you

The Truth about Truth

Big Data versus the Not-so-humble Opinion

Big Data and Omission Neglect

Big Data and the Treadmill of Overconfidence

Requirements, Data Quality, and Coffee

As the butter churns in Bangladesh

A Seasonal Perspective on a Single Version of the Truth

Errors, Lies, and Big Data

Measurement and Disestimation

The Chicken Man versus the Data Scientist

Sisyphus didn’t need a Fitness Tracker

Data Science versus Narrative Psychology

Can data change an already made up mind?

Bring the Noise, Boost the Signal

The Ethics of Algorithmic Regulation

The Low Ethics of High-frequency Trading

Mapping Ethics in a Data-driven World

Facing Ethics in a Data-driven World

Data Science and Decision Science

The Data that Supported the Decision

Being Data-driven means being Question-driven

The Antimatters of MDM (Part 5)

Data Quality and Paleolithic Rhythm

Data Quality in medias res

A Double Take on Sampling

Survey says Sampling still Sensible

What we find in Found Data

The Dark Side of the Mood

Innovation needs Contamination

Lean Against Bias for Accurate Analytics

Big Data Hubris

What Magic teaches us about Data Science

What Mozart for Babies teaches us about Data Science

The Big Data Theory

In Algorithms We Trust

The Evolution of Problem Solving

Are you Smarter than an Algorithm?

Sometimes it’s Okay to be Shallow

The Psych to Silo and the Right to Copy

Syncing versus Streaming

Streaming Past the Limits of Unlimited Data

Could Unlimited Data limit Data Silos?

A Cold Contemplation of Data Quality

Why can’t we Predict the Weather?

Behavioral Data Quality

O say can you see by the data’s insight?

Master metadata management

Are you playing games with metadata?

Unleashing the Data Quality Ideavirus

The Four Noble Truths of Data Quality

Preventing the Zombie Data-pocalypse

On Coffee, Data, and Stewardship

The Architects of the Invisible

The Antimatters of MDM (Part 4)

The Antimatters of MDM (Part 3)

The Antimatters of MDM (Part 2)

The Antimatters of MDM (Part 1)

The Master Data Museum

Eenie, Meanie, Mindie Your MDM Sources

Data Foodies, Iron Chefs and Big Data Fast Food

There’s only One Right Way to Do Data Governance

Carbon, Silicon and the Bonds of Collaboration

Midnight in a Sky above an Ocean of Aqua

Monitoring Data Quality a Little Too Continuously

The Eighth Law of Data Quality

An Issue with Reporting Data Quality Issues

The Fallacy of Defect Prevention

The IKEA Effect and Change Management

The Decision Wobegon Effect

Change = WIIFM > WMETP

Getting Schooled on Measurement

Bursting Your Filter Bubble

Use a No Brown M&M’s Clause

Cargo Cult Data Science

Don’t Mess with Data

Stop Poor Data Quality STOP

This isn’t Jeopardy

What is Being Measured is Intrinsically Fuzzy

Measuring is Intrinsically Fuzzy

Do the Eyes Have It?

Mirror, Mirror on the Data

Stop Tapping and Start Talking

Requirements Flux

When Poor Data Quality Calls

Can we Measure the Half-Life of Data?

Data has an Expiration Date

A Statistically Significant Resolution for 2013

Loss Aversion and Change Management

The Seventh Law of Data Quality

Crossing the Streams

An Unsettling Truth about Data Governance


Data Management: The Next Generation

Small Data and VRM

The Hindrance of Hindsight Bias

Data Sounding Board: The Data Asset

The Business Must Go On

A Few Good IDEAS

The Data Sharpshooter Fallacy

The Sixth Law of Data Quality

The Fifth Law of Data Quality

The Fourth Law of Data Quality

The Third Law of Data Quality

The Second Law of Data Quality

The First Law of Data Quality

Published articles on the MIKE2.0 Blog:

The Internet of Misfit Things

Open Data Grey Areas

Could data governance actually endanger data?

Open Data opens eyes to Data Quality and Data Governance

Big Data needs Data Quality Too

Data Integration is the Schema in Between

Is Informed Consent outdated in the Information Age?

What Movie Descriptions teach us about Metadata

Are there alternatives to Data Hoarding?

What Movie Ratings teach us about Data Quality

Do you know good information when you hear it?

Micro-Contributions form a Collaboration Macro

Overcoming Outcome Bias

Open and Secure Personal Data

Open Data and Big Data

Things Interrupting the Internet of Things

Finding Ugly Data with Pretty Pictures

Outsourcing our Memory to the Cloud

On Sharing Data

Is it finally the Year of IoT?

Big Data Strategy: Tag, Cleanse, Analyze

Avoid Daft Definitions for Sound Semantics

The Top of the Data Quality Bell Curve

Data Quality Chill Factor

Scanning the 2014 Technology Horizon

Has your Data Quality been Naughty or Nice?

The Sound of Sound Information Security

The Data of Damocles

Our Privacy is Currency — and We are Giving It Away

We is Smaller than the Sum of its Me Parts

Risk: The Anti-Value of Information

Automation and the Danger of Lost Knowledge

The Quality of Things

The Baseball Strike Zone and Data Quality

The Gordian Knot of Big Data Integration

Big Data is the Library of Babel

Hail to the Chiefs

When All is Null on the Metrics Front

Let the Computers Calculate and the Humans Cogitate

Metadata and the Baker/baker Paradox

Information Underwhelm

Push Down Business Decisions

Bottom-Up Business Intelligence

Through a PRISM, Darkly

You Need to Know Your Data Quality Reference Points

Headaches, Data Analysis, and Negativity Bias

Why You Need Data Quality Standards

Data Dictatorship versus Data Democracy

Bigger Questions, not Bigger Data

The Internet of Humans

The Enterprise Brain

A Contrarian’s View of Unstructured Data

Bigger Data needs Better Metadata

Individual Contributors and Collaboration

The Psychology of Collaboration

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Sumo-Sized Data Analytics

Making Infinity Comprehensible with Big Data Analytics

How Amazon (Re)Used AOL’s Data

Big Data Phrenology

Data Science and the Art of Data Visualization

Elementary, My Dear Data Product

Data Science and the Semmelweis Reflex

Little Ooches prevent Big Data Ouches

Data Separates Science from Superstition

Predictive Analytics, the Data Effect, and Jed Clampett

Why Data Science Storytelling Needs a Good Editor

The Flying Monkeys of Big Data

Data-Driven into a Traffic Jam

Speed Up Your Data to Slow Down Your Decisions

Rage against the Machines Learning

Big Data, Sporks, and Decision Frames

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Data Governance Trek

What’s the Over-Under on Communication?

Data Governance needs a Gravity Assist

The Pull and Push of Data Governance

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Turn the Data Warehouse into a Glass House

The Broken Telephone of the Data Warehouse

When Delivery is Job One, Quality is Job None

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Picture Perfect Customer Data

Ensuring Insurance covers the Proper Property

Solving the Case of the Undeliverable Address

What’s in a (First & Last) Name?

Bridging the Divide between Unstructured and Structured Data

The Role Of Data Quality Monitoring In Data Governance

The Collaborative Culture of Data Governance

The Interconnected User Interface