DQ-Tip: “Data quality is about more than just improving your data...”

Data Quality (DQ) Tips is an OCDQ regular segment.  Each DQ-Tip is a clear and concise data quality pearl of wisdom.

“Data quality is about more than just improving your data.

Ultimately, the goal is improving your organization.”

This DQ-Tip is from Tony Fisher's great book The Data Asset: How Smart Companies Govern Their Data for Business Success.

In the book, Fisher explains that one of the biggest mistakes organizations make is not viewing their data as a corporate asset.  This common misconception often prevents data quality from being rightfully viewed a critical priority. 

Data quality is misperceived to be an activity performed just for the sake of improving data.  When in fact, data quality is an activity performed for the sake of improving business processes.

“Better data leads to better decisions,” explains Fisher, “which ultimately leads to better business.  Therefore, the very success of your organization is highly dependent on the quality of your data.”


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