DQ-Tip: “Don't pass bad data on to the next person...”

Data Quality (DQ) Tips is a new regular segment.  Each DQ-Tip is a clear and concise data quality pearl of wisdom.

“Don't pass bad data on to the next person.  And don't accept bad data from the previous person.”

This DQ-Tip is from Thomas Redman's excellent book Data Driven: Profiting from Your Most Important Business Asset.

In the book, Redman explains that this advice is a rewording of his favorite data quality policy of all time.

Assuming that it is someone else's responsibility is a fundamental root case for enterprise data quality problems.  One of the primary goals of a data quality initiative must be to define the roles and responsibilities for data ownership and data quality.

In sports, it is common for inspirational phrases to be posted above every locker room exit door.  Players acknowledge and internalize the inspirational phrase by reaching up and touching it as they head out onto the playing field.

Perhaps you should post this DQ-Tip above every break room exit door throughout your organization?


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