The Data Governance Imperative

OCDQ Radio is a vendor-neutral podcast about data quality and its related disciplines, produced and hosted by Jim Harris.

During this episode, Steve Sarsfield and I discuss how data governance is about changing the hearts and minds of your company to see the value of data quality, the characteristics of a data champion, and creating effective data quality scorecards.

Steve Sarsfield is a leading author and expert in data quality and data governance.  His book The Data Governance Imperative is a comprehensive exploration of data governance focusing on the business perspectives that are important to data champions, front-office employees, and executives.  He runs the Data Governance and Data Quality Insider, which is an award-winning and world-recognized blog.  Steve Sarsfield is the Product Marketing Manager for Data Governance and Data Quality at Talend.


The Data Governance Imperative

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Win a copy of the Book

Steve Sarsfield wants to give one OCDQ Radio listener a free copy of The Data Governance Imperative


Here is how the book contest will work:


(1) Book Contest Question — Name at least one of the characteristics of a data champion that Steve Sarsfield described during this OCDQ Radio episode.


(2) Book Contest Deadline — By or before April 30, 2012, Email Jim Harris with your answer to the book contest question.


(3) Book Contest Winner — In May 2012, one winner will be randomly selected from the emails containing the correct answer to the contest question, and Steve Sarsfield (or his publisher) will email the winner requesting a shipping address for the book.


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